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Getting a trial with MCFC

How could you get a trial with the Champions?

Getting a trial

All professional and many semi-professional football clubs have a team of scouts whose role it is to seek out new talent and invite them for trials at their club; the ultimate aim being to sign the most talented players.

Football scouts are everywhere in football, some linked to clubs others linked to businesses, some operate on their own. For more advice about scouts visit our safer scouting page.

Manchester City Football Club Academy does not hold open trial sessions. We have a large scouting network with scouts watching games and tournaments all over the world. If the scout thinks you might have what it takes to join the Academy then we will invite you to a trial.

Get scouted
In order to get scouted you need to be playing football for a team and on a regular basis. We will not consider any player, whatever their age, who is not currently playing for a team.

Our scouts will go out and watch games based on local knowledge and recommendations. We do accept recommendations from players and parents and how we do this is explained below.

As you can probably appreciate, we receive hundreds of calls, emails and letters each week from across the world (many of whom say they are ‘as good as Messi for their age’, or indeed better) and we cannot see them all.

To attend a trial at our academy you must either be a UK resident or hold a passport from a European Union country.

Submit your CV
The Club’s scouting team watch hundreds of games every month. If you think you could be good enough and want a scout to come and watch you and your team then you can write to us. Players between the age of 6 and 18 years are asked to send their CV by email to and include the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your age & date of birth
  • Your contact address and telephone number
  • The current club you play for
  • The position you play
  • List of forthcoming fixtures you will be playing in and where

What then?
The recruitment staff will then make a decision as to whether a scout will be sent to watch your games. If the scout feels that the player has shown potential to play at Academy level, an approach will be made to your team manager and your parents and you will be invited in for a trial at one of our sessions.

You won’t always know when a scout is watching although your team manager will. You should assume that someone could be watching whenever you play so always be at your best.

If you do not receive a reply within 14 days please assume your request for a trial with the Academy has been unsuccessful. Due to the sheer volume of requests we cannot reply to everyone and we cannot enter into any further correspondence about your request.

The Trial
Once you have been invited in to a trial then further guidance on what to expect will be given to both you and your parents.

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