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US Tour: Micah's weekend diary

  • 18 July 2010 08:18
  • Posted by Chris Bailey in Portland

I have started to get some stick for the fact that I eat chicken for every meal so I thought I would vary things a little bit yesterday and I had an omelette.

I thought I had done really well until Cookie – the cook not Garry – pointed out that in a way that was also a chicken since one had laid the eggs! Ha!

Any way we had a light training session and some heavy sleep before the Portland match and then prepared like we would for a Premier League game.

The boss held a meeting and told us how the Timbers might play and reminded us that the first game of the tour was really important in so many ways.

When we awoke on Saturday is was really cool but by kick off it was boiling hot so it was a hard ninety minutes especially as Portland made it tough and put themselves about really well.

I had to smile on the way into the ground when an American fan shouted that he liked the diary

...Micah Richards

The whole atmosphere at the match was really enthusiastic and the fans were into the match in a big way. There was also a bloke (he was official) with a chain saw....can’t imagine that being allowed in our grounds!!

It was a good win in the end with some top performances. I thought the younger lads all did well and they all got a decent spell on the pitch.

I had a shift at right back and then in the middle and I felt I did ok but it was hard work on a pitch that had a great grass covering but was a little sticky.

It was good to see my good mate Joe Hart back in the squad and making one really good save. At least he remembered his gloves and that was more than he did for his first training session. He was jet lagged! He is a really good mate of mine and hopefully one day soon we will play together for England.

We have got a day off on Sunday and I think I will be spontaneous which probably means I will sleep a lot and eat more chicken!

Some of the lads will be going out so we will see where we get to but there are a lot of tired legs so it will not be anything too strenuous.

Some will probably watch the golf which is a sport I always intend to take up but never do. Quite a lot of the boys play.

I tried it once when I was with the England under 21 squad. It took me about 30 goes to hit the ball but when I did it went miles!

That’s it for this double diary I will let you know what everyone got up to in the next epsiode.

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