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Far-away Blues 2

  • 23 September 2009 13:25
  • Posted byChris Nield

Following the recent feature on our far-flung cobbers in Sydney, we have been inundated with emails and messages from outlying supporters who, despite the miles between them and their beloved Blues, still find the time to be fanatical about the club.

Our next horde of long distance fans were brought to our attention by Kevin Jones, the founder of the New York City branch of the MCFC Official Supporters’ Club who wanted to share the Manchester derby experience,  Big Apple style!


After looking at the clock every 20 minutes, I get up and pad blearily through to the computer trying desperately not to wake the wife and nippers. Is Carlos fit? Is Stevie up and running as promised? Suddenly my mobile rings and it's my mate, Denton Sedge in South Carolina; "HARK NOW HEAR THE CITY SING!" He's still in the same pub he was in last night. The landlord has agreed to let him and four other Blues stay and watch the 8:30am kick off.

The mobile goes off again and it's Longsite Pete in Dusseldorf; "What are you doing in Dusseldorf!?” I ask, “I'm supposed to be picking you up in 45 minutes!" It’s a long story, and he'll tell me later. The good news is he's found a bar to watch the game and Carlos is definitely playing!


I jump in the car and drive over the Tapenzee Bridge to pick up my my mate Parky who I see nervously pacing the pavement, swinging the sky blue City Store bag which contains my brand-new black away shirt that he got me last week while he was home for the Arsenal game. Not only has Parky brought me the best away shirt since 1969, but this month’s City Mag, a Viz and a giant-size bottle of Vimto! “What’s Pete doing in Dusseldorf?" Parky enquires.


Pick up Dave on the corner of Lexington and 102nd street.  

It’s already in the 80s and he's standing in the middle of Spanish Harlem fully decked-out and sweating golf balls in a scarf and bobble hat combo that looks like he must have had it since Johnnie Crossan was Captain!

...Kevin Jones..


We pull up outside of The Mad Hatter, our new home and THE Manchester City bar in New York. We walk in to see a great turn out of about 35 Blues all chomping at the bit. Most of the usual suspects are here, plus a few Glossop lads over on holiday.

The Brooklyn Blues are over in force and are taking up two tables. Big Martin and the Long Island boys are also in and are tearing into full English breakfasts washed down with pints of Guinness. They must have left at five this morning to be here at this time.  Donnie, our Chairman is busy taking fees and handing out cards to new members. Ginger Mizzy and his wife have made the first of their twice-yearly pilgrimages from the wilds of far-off Connecticut and Harlem as always is represented by my mate Paul and his wife Penny. Our resident rockstar, Coyle comes in straight from last night’s gig and orders a brekky of bacon, sausage and black pudding butties.

We all know how the game went so I really can’t add anything that would be printable, however, I must say the roars that came out of that bar with every Blue equalizer was nothing short of incredible and the camaraderie between each and every one of us was palpable.”

Kevin and the rest of the members of the MCFC NYC Supporters Club would love to extend a warm welcome any Blues that may find themselves in the New York area during the season.

“It started off a few years ago with a handful of us Mancs getting together for City games whenever televised and since forming the Official Supporters’ Club, our number has increased ten-fold with new members joining every week,” reported Kevin.

“So, if you're planning on being in the Big Apple, bring your inflatable banana down to The Mad Hatter on 3rd Ave between 26th and 27th Streets or visit www.mcfcnyc.org.”

PS - To date nobody knows why Longsite Pete was in Dusseldorf!

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