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Daniel Rigby
Season 2012/13

Guest Blog: Daniel Rigby

  • 31 January 2013 14:49
  • Posted by @dclayton_MCFC

Daniel Rigby found fame for his brilliant portrayal of Eric Morecambe in the dramatization of Morecambe and Wise’s early years. A lifelong Blue, he also appears in the current BT commercials…

I’m going to miss Mario Balotelli. I know some people believed him to be a troubled youngster, but I’m going to miss his antics on and off the pitch. Mario did his own thing whether he was on camera or off it and I always found it quite refreshing.

There were so many stories about Mario that we’ll probably never know what was true and what wasn’t but I will miss him being a City player and the colour that he brought to football in this country.

I wish him luck with AC Milan and I’m sure we’ll still hear of his adventures.

I’ve not met many other City fans in the acting world so far. I think the only ones I’ve even heard of are the former Corrie regulars Bruce Jones and Kevin Kennedy alias Les Battersby and Curly Watts. I’ve not been in Coronation Street yet – much to my family’s disgust – so didn’t have chance to meet them.

I’ve been so busy with work – luckily – over the past year or so that it’s been a real struggle getting up to any games. I managed a few last season including the QPR away game but I don’t have a City buddy in London where I live these days so I tend not to go as much as I’d like.

Going to games on your own isn’t the same. Watching the match is fine, but it’s all the stuff around it that you miss and it can feel a bit weird.

To be honest, after Eric and Ernie, things didn’t change that much for me in terms of being recognised when I’m out, but I’m not surprised because it was a one-off drama and I had my hair cut short and dyed plus I was wearing the glasses. 

Daniel Rigby in Eric and Ernie

After the BT ads came out, I was recognised more but since then I’ve had a haircut again and I don’t get recognised at all. We’ve done about six ads so far and it’s an on-going project.

Doing an advert can be a bit taboo for any actor and because I also do stand-up some people consider you to be a bit of a sell-out but of the industry I work in, these are the sort of jobs that can give you security and ultimately help support a family in years to come. For those reasons, the BT ads have been amazing.

Turning thoughts back to City, I had my doubts earlier in the season that we could retain the title but the win at Arsenal, with all the controversy surrounding it, was a key result. To win there without Sergio and Yaya was a statement and I think if we continue the momentum we are building at the moment, we’ll be fine..

Hopefully we can continue the winning sequence against Liverpool and keep the pressure on you-know-who…

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