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bert trautmann
Season 2013/14

Tribute to Bert Trautmann

  • 19 July 2013 15:15
  • Posted by MCFC

Bernard Halford, long-standing friend of Bert Trautmann led the Club’s tributes to the goalkeeping great who died on Friday.

Former Club Secretary Halford  whose relationship with Trautmann spanned four decades spoke for everyone at City:

“Bert took over from Frank Swift in 1949 - the City and England goalkeeper and an absolute legend in the game. There was a lot of animosity towards Bert after the war, because of his German roots. 

“But Bert being the character he was and the player he was completely won them over, and the fans and people throughout football absolutely worshipped Bert Trautmann. He is a true icon of the game.

“He was a wonderful goalkeeper and I do say he is the best goalkeeper I ever saw. So many of the top goalkeepers wanted to meet him and have photographs with him. I think he was our first footballer of the year.

“Bob Wilson, the Scotland and Arsenal goalkeeper in their Championship-winning year,  idolised him growing up and wanted to be as good as Bert Trautmann.

The Club are carefully considering the appropriate tribute to all-time great Bert.

“Who could play on in a cup final with a broken neck? Bert Trautmann could?" continued Mr Halford. "He didn’t play for months afterwards but he did recover, which showed his fighting spirit. He came and played for another eight years.

“It’s a sad, sad day that we’ve lost him – he’s someone that you want to live on and on.

...Bernard Halford on Bert Trautmann...

“When he came to the club he always came to see me and spend time with me, and we would have a chat over cups of tea. I have wonderful memories of Bert as a player and as a person.”

RIP Bert. A special person.

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