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Season 2010/11

FA Cup fan reaction: The match

  • 18 April 2011 14:58
  • Posted by Chris Nield
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Joe Hart’s early heroics from Berbatov results in a communal Twitter sigh of relief!

@CS1985 - “Joe Hart you little beauty!!!!!”

@JenSurname – “Joe Hart just gave my cat a heart attack. Or it may have been me shouting”

But as the team grew in confidence, so did our followers…

@dmgtc – “Much better from City. It’s going to happen. I can feel it.”

@emilylouise – “The boys in Blue are doing me proud.”

Goalless at the break…

@eighthsinner – “Overcame a nervy start and now it’s well and truly GAME ON!”

@TheSwamps even managed to predict this!

“Well that's the first 45 over with, both teams had their chances. I still feel confident. 1 - 0 to City Toure to score.”


Back underway and hardly any time to compose a 140 character message before:

@JA_Paraguay – “TOUREEEEEEEEE!! I can't stop smiling!”

@TheCityGal “oh my god oh my god oh my god”

@JWBardwell “yayayayayayayayayaya!”

With 20 minutes to go and an extra man on the pitch, the end is nearly in sight:

@goldymcfc – “Come on Blues! Defend for your lives!”

@tphayden78 – “I can’t handle this, it’s killing me!!”

Into stoppage time:

@sp3ccylad – “I need Brian Cox to explain this five minutes thing to me”

@JenSurname – “I think I’m having a heart attack”

And it’s full time!

@KatyLx – “I’m crying… I can’t believe it… I LOVE YOU CITY!!!”

@Saucepanmanc – “33 years I’ve waited for any kind of success. Very nearly passed out!”

@AnneMCity – “I'll admit I've cried!! Dad was watching from the Kippax in the sky and probably doing the Poznan!”


Part three of our fan reaction...



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