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Season 2013/14

City Blogger: Happy holidays!

  • 17 December 2013 16:33
  • Posted by @darrylwebster

It's time for the next piece from our team of eight official City Bloggers for 2013/14 courtesy of Canadian Blue Darryl Webster...

The other day I told a few friends, “I hope you reach your ultimate goal in life and along the way find a some time away from work to relax with your loved ones.” Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Yet one of my friends managed to take a small measure of offense.  Okay perhaps these weren’t my exact words, as writers sometimes do I’ve exaggerated. What I in fact wished my friend was a “Happy Holidays!” 

It’s hard to understand why there are those among us who still take exception to such a beautiful greeting. Harder still to figure out what any of this might have to do with City? Admittedly the issue has less to do with football than my previous blogs, but I do see relevant parallels.

As City’s trophy cabinet continues to grow so too does its fan base. With each great victory -- just as I was a decade ago -- new supporters from faraway cultures, regions, and religions are swept off their feet by the boys in blue from East Manchester and their passionate supporters.  

The wishing of Happy Holidays speaks to inclusion, a quality I’ve seldom seen equaled outside of this club and its home Country. My one and only Christmas spent away from Canada was split between Manchester and Oxfordshire. It was hard being away from the Webster’s, the Elliott’s and the Blue’s (Yes, my Aunt Bev married into the surname Blue, Uncle Jim a particularly menacing swordsman versus all things turkey). The loneliness of being away from home was quickly replaced. Replaced by dark chocolate dipped into hot milk in the Manchester Christmas market. Made easier by a skating rink at Spinningfields and the familiar sound of steel blades carving through fresh ice. Eased by a Boxing Day pub-march in full Mountie costumes down a small village road in Blewbury. My loneliness, put simply, was cured by inclusion. Incidentally, if anyone in Blewbury found my beloved MCFC Woodsman hat, could you kindly return it to Manchester City Football Club c/o Darryl Webster?

I still wish Merry or Happy Christmas, when speaking with those I know prefer it. Merry Christmas was part of my upbringing and the sound of it rolling of someone’s tongue still holds fond memories for me. But these days I also use Happy Holidays just as fondly.

People change and evolve. Greetings change and evolve. Football clubs change and evolve. No group of people on earth understands this better than the supporters of Manchester City. So let’s embrace new greetings, new supporters and new friends of whom I am proud to call myself one. I think we’ll all agree it beats a “bah humbug!”

In closing 2013 I raise a glass (in which fermentation has certainly played a part) to you my fellow Blues. I thank you for including me in your journey and taking the time to read about a few of mine. Here’s to our health, happiness and unrivaled ability to see the world through blue-tinted glasses.

I wish you all a very Happy Holidays.

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