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Season 2013/14

City Blogger: Five things that wind me up

  • 31 October 2013 10:40
  • Posted by @viewfromablue

Steven Allweis, author of City blog View From A Blue, indulges in one of the age-old football fan traditions... a rant!

Everyone enjoys a moan. As well as matters might be going on the pitch as City now challenge for the title and compete for trophies, there’s nothing quite like a rant to get a few things off one’s chest. And as football fans, there will always be issues, however big or small, which wind us up. So here are five elements of the game that constantly irritate me.

1)      Kick-off times – Fans have long since been the last consideration of those in power, but in this television-controlled era, supporters are totally ignored when it comes to the planning of matches. Whilst the ubiquity of games on TV isn’t exactly objectionable, the fact that fans have to travel lengthy distances at ridiculous times (all while paying extortionate prices) most certainly is. Think back to our title-winning campaign a couple of years ago. Who thought of the fans when deciding that Swansea should travel to Manchester for a fixture at 8pm on a Monday night? Who considered the supporters when selecting City away to Norwich for television coverage at 12:45pm? Nobody. I’m not pining for a return to 3pm Saturday kick-offs across the country, just a notion of respect to those who passionately follow their side around. Their loyalty is being taken advantage of.

2)      Unfair punishments – This particular complaint can take many forms. Whether it’s the atrocious disparity with regards to UEFA’s fines (City were fined more for the players returning 30 seconds late to the pitch for the second half of a Europa League game against Porto than the Portuguese team were for their fans’ racial abuse of the Blues’ players in the same game) or the nonsensical yellow card for a player who removes his shirt after a goal, - the same penalty for a bad tackle - this imbalance in terms of punishment is baffling.

3)      Fantasy football – For those of you not au fait with this game, consider yourself fortunate. For those who are, why do you feel the need to let it control you to such an extent? I’ve not got a problem with the game itself, but there are few things more annoying than watching a match alongside someone whose main interest in it is to see how their fantasy football players are doing. Believe it or not, there are supporters out there who watch a game desperately hoping that the opposition striker scores because he’s in their fantasy team. As it happens, I watched City’s match last weekend next to a Chelsea fan. Rather than pure elation at his side’s late winner, one of his first comments was “Oh no, I have Zabaleta in my fantasy team!” Urgh.

4)      Short-termism – This isn’t a problem that’s restricted to football and the media, but its prevalence is vexing. In essence, what we see reported nowadays is this: if a player has a good game, he’s world class, but if he struggles and, heaven forbid, makes a mistake, there’s a crisis. Very little exists in between. Why does everything need to be such a melodramatic, sensationalist view? What happened to a measured opinion?

5)      Players who don’t clap the fans – It’s a fairly self-explanatory heading but a bugbear of travelling supporters, and rightly so, are players who don’t acknowledge their backing. Loyal obsessives have paid exorbitant amounts to travel to watch the team and the least they deserve is recognition of their support.

And relax.

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