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Season 2013/14

City Blogger: Blues that weren't blue

  • 24 September 2013 10:26
  • Posted by @darrylwebster

Following the recent announcement of the team of eight City Bloggers from around the world who will be writing for us this season, it's time for the next piece courtesy of Canadian Blue Darryl Webster

Blogger’s Note: I had already prepared this month’s piece ahead of Sunday’s three points. I have since debated scrapping the entire thing and just writing about the 22nd of September for the next eight months. But I’ll leave that topic alone for now as it has been well documented. Here’s my original piece written by a man who, at the time of its penning, had no clue we’d beat’em 4-1. What a day!

“Carlos Valderramma would have made the perfect Blue!” These were the first words to burn from my mouth, moments after downing my first shot of Aguardiente - a South American alcohol that loosely translates to firewater. I was at a wedding reception made up almost entirely of Colombian Ex-pats. I’d been recalling Colombia’s incredible 1993 side with a rabid Nacional fan named Santiago and soon found myself wondering, “What if Valderramma, he of the glorious golden-mane and genius ball control had played for City? Surely he would have been a legend!

A few weeks later, with the thought still rattling around my football-obsessed brain, I decided to journey where all deep questions find great answers. The pub.

After a flawless City win over Viktoria Plzen, I sat around with a few of my fellow Toronto Blues and asked them, “Which player, never to wear the sky-blue shirt, would you have most liked to see play for City?”

I barred such obvious replies as; Pele, Maradona or, “I would have been a cracking Blue.” Instead I asked them to name either a player whom they believed possessed that certain City ‘something’ or someone who made our lives so miserable every time we faced them, you’d wished they were ours.  The following are some of my favourite answers:

Dan Rouse: “Matt Le Tissier, because he was a chubby bloke in the middle who scored belters every week. Definitely the best character who was never a Blue.”

Rob Kershaw:  “I was at Maine Road in 2002 when Gianfranco Zola absolutely tore us apart. City lost 3-0, Zola had the first two and we ended up giving him a standing ovation.”

J.C. Plante   “Edgar Davids. He had that City tenacity to him. He was de Jong, before de Jong.”

Chris Harris:  “I know this may not be a popular choice, given the list of clubs he suited up for, but I've always respected Michael Owen. I vividly remember watching an 18-year-old Owen score that dynamo solo-effort goal against Argentina. He had such an offensive gift and out of respect alone I would've loved to see him pull on a blue shirt.”

Kael Sabine: “I’ve always admired Phillipe Mexes. He’s a solid back who can also play up front. He’d look great alongside Gael Clichy.”

Also joining us at the pub was McGill University student Alice Phillips and her mother Bernie, who travelled all the way from Whalley Range for a visit.

Bernie Phillips: “Geordie Armstrong, Arsenal’s number 7. I always think of City players as being lovely, hardworking and loyal. Geordie would have made a proper Blue. He was a great grafter on the wing.”

Alice Phillips: “Stevie Gerrard, because he’s honest, kind and loyal. And because he’d never do to Liverpool what Rooney did to Everton.” (Nice dig Alice!)

For me there are few better things in life than sitting around with your mates discussing football hypotheticals. So I throw it back to you my fellow Citizens. Who is your “Best Blue that never was?”

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