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Season 2013/14

City Blogger: Never forget where we came from

  • 26 September 2013 13:49
  • Posted by @ThomSoutter26

A point that is consistently leveled at the Mighty Blues, by people who it could be argued may possess a slightly lower than average intellect, is that ‘we have no history’. Now, for a club established in 1894 that really is some feat, I think you will agree. However, the point being that some view trophies as history and that this is all that matters at a football club.

I think that this is an important point to make as City, fresh from a couple of major trophies in recent years, embark on their third Champions League campaign and are building a fan base from across the globe.

The blues are gathering a new generation of supporters, those that perhaps will never know the hardship of entering secondary school the morning after the night when City lost at home to Stockport County, and more importantly a new section of fans that never had the chance to visit the greatest football stadium in the world, the real history of MCFC, Maine Road.

There are people far more qualified to discuss City’s old home than me, but having my first season ticket in 1994 and returning religiously with my mum and family through what can only be described as the worst period in the club’s history, I can safely say that I feel able to comment. 

Maine Road was a special place, a proper football ground if you will and I am honoured to have been given my football following education there. The uneven stands, the temporary seats that were often awash with fetching rain macs, the dilapidated ticket office and the wonderfully quaint players’ entrance, which was increasingly met with an angry selection of supporters throughout the 90’s. There was something special about walking past Platt Lane, through intimidating back yards and passing endless graffiti on way to the game. 

The whole experience was something that couldn’t be replicated; from parting with five pounds to the burly car park attendant, who was situated in a field that you were never quite sure you were going to get out of with the car remaining as it arrived, to the banter between the North & Kippax stands. 

Maine Road is something that all new supporters should famliarise themselves with, even if it is just to have a look at the final year in photographs by Kevin Cummins or to watch the film ‘There’s only one Jimmy Grimble’ (a must in my opinion). The place holds so many special memories for me personally that range from scoring a penalty (twice) past Moonchester on the hallowed turf or my season ticket seat which sits in my family home. 

In the final years there were some brilliantly ‘typical’ City moments at the ground that made our club so special in many ways. Who wants trophies when you can watch Steve Lomas keep the ball, purposely, in the corner when you need a goal and are moments away from relegation.  Who needs European nights when you can watch Jamie Pollock score the most skillful goal of all time…. Into his own net. There was even something beautifully romantic about City’s final day in their home of 80 years. They lost 0-1 to Southampton. And to add insult to injury we had to listen to an Oasis tribute as opposed to the real thing.

City have a varied past, it is a special football club with a special set of supporters. ‘Where were you when you weren’t great (you get the gist)’??! Goes the chant….. Actually, we were right there. 

Our history may not put us at the top of the trophy charts but you know what, I wouldn’t swap it for the world.  

It’s 10 years since Maine Road closed its doors for the last time, rest in peace big old boy, the club are doing you proud. We are City, super City, from Maine Road. MCFC. OK.   

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