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City Blogger: A lighter shade of maroon...

  • 13 February 2014 11:51
  • Posted by @darrylwebster

Canadian Blue Darryl Webster discusses national and civic pride in his latest blog piece...

We Canadians aren’t traditionally known for flaunting our nationalism as much as say, the Americans or the Brits (yes Britain, you and your madness for bunting are just as guilty as Canada’s neighbours to the south). But every four years Canadians everywhere become glued to televisions; holding our collective breath as our women and men wearing what I prefer to call a lighter shade of maroon, perform dazzling triple-Salchows and death-defying Michalchuks. 

A nearly uncontrollable urge comes over us, this insatiable need to don red mittens, pom-pom topped toques and drink a certain brand of beer –- not because that beer is particularly awesome, but rather our nation’s largest brewer is a marketing savant when it comes to tapping into Canadian pride. And then of course there’s hockey. Always hockey.

I am fortunate enough to be in Manchester at the moment, and it has been suggested that perhaps I am the jinx responsible for City’s recent form and the awful weather. Wednesday afternoon however my allegiance to the maple leaf was thankfully unable to jinx the Canadian women’s hockey team, as they defeated our worthy opponents, the United States by a single goal. Afterwards, I couldn’t help but throw on my Team Canada jersey and stroll proudly towards Shambles Square. There was no celebratory welcome when I arrived, though one nice gentleman carrying grocery bags seemed to offer a knowing smile.

If the National pride I was born into and hold so dear is only celebrated on special occasions, by contrast my exhibitions of civic pride are almost daily. From the city I was raised in, to the two that I have called home since, you’ll rarely find me without some sort of banner for Toronto, Los Angeles or Manchester. One perfect example would be my morning brew held religiously in a certain mug bearing a certain hashtag. 2012. Champions.

I suppose while I’m over here, a bit of healthy Canadian flag waving might rub one or two of my British friends the wrong way, so let me just remind you the tie between our countries remains strong. I scarcely meet anyone in the UK who doesn’t have family living in the Great White North and the Queen still features prominently on our currency -- though if it were my choice of Brit on our money I’d go with Joe Hart or Phil Taylor, “Hey Bud, can ya spot me a Phil Taylor, I need to buy a pack of darts!” Wouldn’t that be a great way to hear someone purchase what we call cigarettes.

For the past six months I have been fortunate enough to write about the greatest football club and the greatest fans in the entire world. I know City supporters are the sort who won’t mind granting me this quick Olympic interlude to speak a bit about my home and native land and perhaps, just for a few weeks, they will forgive me for supporting what I carefully consider a lighter shade of maroon.


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