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City Blogger: The good ship Manchester City

  • 20 February 2014 10:46
  • Posted by @BlueWolf1894

The latest blog from the inimitable @BlueWolf1894 takes a look at other Manchester Citys through the years...

There are half a dozen or so Statue of Liberty’s in this World, and more than thirty Eiffel Towers located in places as far afield as Greece, India, Australia, Texas, and that French one; even the Blackpool Tower was based upon it.

Whilst you may or may not have known any of this (or indeed be at all interested), there are, and have been, other Manchester City’s. We are not talking obvious things like the women’s team, and amateur supporters’ club sides either.

In the Sierra Leone First Division, a club called Manchester City FC exists, which was originally set up by fans from Reddish and Swinton in 2004. The club survives purely on donations from fans, supporters’ clubs, and, obviously, the other, rather bigger, Manchester City. After only four years in existence, their youth team won the Sierra Leone FA Youth Cup in 2008, which was a lot more than we managed to do that year.

In 1898, the city of Manchester obviously realised how awesome we were after being only four years old, built and launched the largest ship ever seen on the Manchester Ship Canal. Her name? The Manchester City. The residents of Liverpool weren’t too impressed though every time she sailed through their town blotting out the sun, although they did rejoice in 1929 when she was scrapped.

After winning the 1936-37 Division One title, along came another massive ship called The Manchester City, built and launched by Manchester Liners. So awesome was she, that the British Government took command of her during WW2 and used her as a minelayer, this time upsetting the Nazis instead. She was decked out in red and black hoops, no doubt foretelling how fantastic we would become in the 1960s wearing this kit – if only we’d paid attention and worn it earlier.

Eventually though, the 2nd The Manchester City ship was starting to show her age, and sadly she was put out of her misery and scrapped in 1964. But fear not, naval lovers, as the 3rd The Manchester City ship was launched in the same year. She ended up in 1971 with South Korea, who were then able to rub their awesomeness in the faces of the North Koreans.

In 1985, The City of Lisbon ship set sail on her maiden voyage; nobody took any notice. That was until twelve months later when her name was changed to The Manchester City, and she is still in service today … although her name has been changed to something else, which we can obviously ignore.

Manchester City, ruining the oceans since 1898.

You may now be wondering has there ever been a Manchester United ship? No. No, there has not been. Ever. Although you may insert your own ‘sinking ship’ comments here.

Undoubtedly as we grow, and the name of our club becomes known throughout the World, more Manchester City’s will pop up, because, after all, everyone likes to be associated with being truly awesome.

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