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City Blogger: The 12 best things about being a Blue

  • 20 March 2014 11:00
  • Posted by @thomsoutter26
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Living in a foreign country, where I am surrounded by different cultures and people from all over the world, you often find that football is a common ground. It is the game that most parts of the world love and something that generates emotion that transcends any language.

Therefore, I know that I will certainly not be alone when it is often one of the first topics that I bring up in the company of complete strangers. Those moments where you are filling time or simply getting to know somebody. It often follows the ‘Where are you from?’ question when making pleasantries. Often, once the reply Manchester has been provided, over the years you would be greeted with the smile and the ‘ahh, United’ line, to which you would take great pleasure in advising that no, you actually followed the blue side, Manchester City. 

This has happened to me countless times over the years and not once did I feel an ounce of regret that I didn’t support the team that everyone expected me to reply with – the team that won everything. 

This got me thinking about what is means to be a Blue and why supporting City is such a pleasure, so I thought I’d list the top 12 things about being a Blue. Both now and in the past.  

Sense of Humour – City fans have had to develop a knack for finding laughter when most would simply lose face. The relegations, the never ending stream of managers……..

Loyalty – I was always proud to be blue as you knew that it was real. You knew that you were part of a group that at times, had been testing. You were, as the song suggests, City till you die

The typical City tag – Let’s be honest, we all love it really. There’s something endlessly endearing about the City story. Thought we’d shed it? Watch last year’s cup final or the game against the same opponents the other week.

The Long wait – Even during the dark days, you always knew that one day if we did achieve something then it would mean so much more. Boy, was that true! 

The club/fan interaction – I am a fan, currently writing on the club’s official website. We have the best website in football, with original (and free I might add) interaction with the first team squad and match highlights. We have a fan zone for before and after matches. This is OUR club and our board recognise that. 

Cult Heroes – City over the years have had some great characters. Characters that are borne from a set of supporters who weren’t simply expecting a conveyor belt of talent. Heroes, which despite not being the best technical players in the world, would be cherished just as much and welcomed back to the club for years to come. Shaun Goater and Andy Morrison being two particular cases. 

The Chants – It is no coincidence that the last two chants to receive nationwide acknowledgement were created (albeit one of them loaned) by our football club and our fans. “The Poznan” and the “Toure brothers” chant have gone global to the point that one of them stopped traffic in Newcastle town centre and the other has been adopted globally

Fight till the end – The greatest recent victories in City’s history – Wembley 99 and the title in 2012 were both possible because of qualities throughout our club and our supporters. Never, ever, give up. 

The Owners – Living in the region of our owners, I can tell you that they mean serious business. Meticulous, thoughtful and visionary, their professionalism emanates from the region that they originate from. Trust me, this ride is only just starting. I salute you Sheikh Mansour and Mr Khaldoon Al Mubarak. 

Title winning moment – Never again will the title win of 2012 be repeated. To win the league in the last minute, to pip your local rivals to be post into the bargain, was a moment that is quite simply unbelievable. One to tell the grandkids. 

The Future – Which football club appears to have a stable ownership, innovative business plan and a holistic approach to the development of the area and the future global footballing talent? Ah, that would be ours. 

The fact we’re not United – This is even truer now than ever. Let’s see how they cope with a period of what they will perceive to be struggle. Supporting City was character building to say the least and I think that genuine followers of our club have certain personality traits that we should all be grateful for! We will certainly deal with success in a humble and respectful manner. 

We better all get practicing on our space filling conversation as I have feeling that the ‘ahh United’ line that we often had to respond to is about to be laid to rest. 

I would like to dedicate this piece to a Mr Mike Hanrahan. I offered the theme of this piece to a City Facebook group as I wanted to involve others and Mike’s suggestion was the one that I liked the most. I hope you enjoyed the read Mike! 


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