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Mario Doesnt take kindly to Docs Techniques
Season 2010/11

Carrington pics: Up for the Cup

  • 18 February 2011 15:05
  • Posted by Peter Ferguson. Pictures by Sharon Latham

It's FA Cup time again! The tempo picks up at Carrington as the replay with Notts County draws ever closer, and ace snapper Sharon Latham flashes her "access all areas" badge to bring you a flavour of the behind-the-scenes build-up ...

First off it's breakfast, of course. Pablo Zabaleta studiously ignores Sharon as he pretends to read his horoscope - "you are going to regret only having two slices of toast" - but Joe Hart has clocked the long lens lass: "Blimey, Shaz, don't you ever give it a rest?" We know the answer to that one, don't we readers? ...  

Breakfast at Carra

And so to work ... unless you're Mario Balotelli, in which case you get a one-on-one hurdling lesson from club doc Jamie Butler, who's been a bit worried recently by Balo's technique in the 4x100metres relay, particularly that lazy left leg. Yes, THIS high, Mario, or you're just not gonna clear it, son ...

Doc Checks out Mario during his training

No personal tuition for the other members of the Italian relay team, so Attilio Lombardo does a spot of work on his own. He's not quite got it yet, and to be honest, that left arm, right leg co-ordination exercise is probably not going to help ...  

Lombardo doing some sort of new dance

Back in the gym, Mario's patience has finally snapped ...

Mario Doesnt take kindly to Docs Techniques

And outside, training has ground to a halt while Roberto addresses the lads with regard to Sunday's tie : "... so I nutmegged Incey, let him catch up with me 10 yards on, then nutmegged him again ..." He told us all these stories before the first game as well, groans Vinny Kompany ...    

Morning Meeting at training

Anyway, Carlos has had enough. He's spotted the club cocktail waiter and he's ordered an alcohol-free pina colada, with one of those little umbrellas, and he's going to knock it back before Roberto even notices he's missing ...

Tevez Spots me snapping him taking a break

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