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Season 2014/15

World Cup Fan of the Day: Spain

  • 06 July 2014 09:45
  • Posted by @porter_mcfc
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32 City fans from 32 countries share their thoughts on the World Cup and their love of the Blues...

Your full name

Isabel Rodríguez Fernández

Your country


Your town


Your age

I am 27 years old

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I have always loved football, I used to play in the street with my brother's friends and now I like to watch the matches with anyone who likes football much as I do. Boys are always surprised to see a girl with a football shirt on though. 

Your favourite City player

David Silva!

Your favourite player for your country

David Silva! 

Who is your country's star player?

He is my favourite player in the world, so I can't say anybody else but David Silva. 

How far do you think your country will get at the World Cup?

I think Spain will win again, or at least get to the final.* 

How important to your country is the World Cup?

Well, I think everybody would like to win it and it is important to us to keep winning in that same style. Spain have a lot of top players, and they are all together now with the same thought: to win again. Everybody would like to see a second star on the Spain shirts. 

Which country do you think will win the World Cup?


What was the first World Cup you remember watching?

The first World Cup that I remember watching was in 2006, when Italy won the tournament. I guess I might have seen bits of others before that, but that was the first one that came to mind. 

What is your first memory of watching City?

The first thing I can really remember is that feeling: that I can watch the game live, meet the team and enjoy watching David Silva play. I can't remember the exact year or game, but that feeling has remained with me ever since. 

*Written before the start of the World Cup

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