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World Cup Fan of the Day: South Korea

  • 26 June 2014 13:01
  • Posted by @MCFC
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32 City fans from 32 countries share their thoughts on the World Cup and their love of the Blues...

Your full name

Inpyo Lee

Your country

South Korea

Your town


Your age


Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

Recently, I got discharged from the Korean Air Force and returned to college.

Before I was drafted, I planned a trip to Manchester to watch City. During my stay, I ran in to Edin Dzeko and Aleksandar Kolarov in a hotel.

This surprising event became an unforgettable memory to me and made me support and love Manchester City more enthusiastically.

Your favourite City player

When I met Kolarov, he signed an autograph and thanked me for coming to cheer City on. I always think about that while I watch City’s games on TV in South Korea.

Your favourite player for your country

My favourite Korean player is Hong Jung Ho. He is the first Korean defensive player to have played in the European league.

Right before the last Olympics, he got injured and couldn’t participate. However, he's now fully recovered from his injury and is participating in the World Cup for the first time.

I hope he can get over his painful memory and play his best.

Who is your country's star player?

Currently, Korea’s star player is Son Heung Min.

A lot of soccer fans already know about his remarkable performance in Bundesliga, Germany. He has a lot of Korean fans because of his assurance, attitude and good manners.

How far do you think your country will get in the World Cup?

Before the tournament, I thought the South Korean team would reach the top 16.

How important to your country is the World Cup?

Well, in the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, South Korea reached the top four - it was a miracle.

During the event, the Korean football fans ran out to the streets and supported with red t-shirts.

Korea has history of being invaded - especially by Japan - but on that day, South Korea achieved astonishing progress. The history meant Koreans were able to achieve national unity and be very proud of the people who represent Korea in global areas.

The World Cup is the right moment for Koreans to show this to the world. Like in the 2002 World Cup, I believe South Korea can make a miracle again!

Which country do you think will win the World Cup?

Brazil! Fernandinho can lead them to victory.

What was the first World Cup you remember watching?

The 1998 World Cup in France. I was eight years old.

Since I was a child, my favourite colour has been orange. In that World Cup, the Netherlands were in the same group as South Korea and their orange kit will always live on my memory.

What is your first memory of watching City?

I think it was the 2003/04 season. I got to know that there was a great Asian player in Premier League - Sun Jihai from China.

Actually, during the season, Ji Sung Park also transferred from PSV to Manchester United so I was very interested in the Premier League - but frankly, the blue of City was the point that attracted me to MCFC. From then on, I’m just Blue!

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