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Joe Hart
Season 2015/16

Joe Hart live Facebook Q&A

  • 10 March 2016 15:31
  • Posted by@MCFC
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Joe Hart recently launched his own Facebook and Instagram profiles and for the launch he answered some of your questions. Here's what he had to say...

"Welcome to my first Facebook live Q&A. Before I get started I just wanted to say thank you very much for the overwhelming support that’s been shown.

"It means a great deal and I think this is going to be a great way for us to work together and give you my best insight into what goes on in the footballing world with club and country."

City’s goal keeper then went on answering your fan questions...

Q – "How did you get started in football?"

- Alan from Oldham

A – "Standard story - it’s the national sport. It is the sport that all my friends loved growing up so I was always kicking a ball around, playing five-a-side, playing Sunday league and playing for the love of it really.”

Q - "Did playing other sports help improve your skills as a footballer?"

- Claire from Southport

A – "It’s a tough one to answer. I loved sport in general as a kid. I played anything going - cricket, golf, rugby. I played and fought hard and with passion. Hopefully, that put me in a place to be better at football but it’s hard to say."

Q - "What is your favourite pre-game meal?"

- Akira from Japan

A – !Unfortunately, it’s not down to it being my favourite but I have to eat what I have to eat to be at my best level. So what I find works best for me is a big bowl of porridge with plenty of berries and fruit - it keeps me full and gives me energy."

Q – "Which other footballers and athletes were your role models?"

- Nunsy from Sydney

A – "Growing up, I loved football but, goalkeeping-wise it was Peter Schmeichel and David Seaman. They were top of the game when I was growing up.

"Two guys that I still look up to now and that I’m a big fan of. Playing in the top teams of the Premier League, they were the main men for me.”

Q – "Who is the dressing room joker?"

- Fen from Beijing

A – "Aleksandar Kolarov is the main man for me. He’s not quite the standard classroom joker. His whole demeanour is very funny but you have to know him otherwise you’ll think he’s going to kill you."

Q - "Do you listen to music before the game and if so what?"

- Aiden from Belfast

A – "I don’t really use my headphones in the dressing room. Gaël Clichy takes over the DJ-ing system - he’s really good actually.

"We have people from all over the world that like different things so he likes to keep everybody involved. He’s a really good aspiring DJ so whatever he mixes out, I’m more than happy to listen."

Q – "What advice would you give to young aspiring professional footballers?"

- Barry from Stockport

A – "Play for the love of the game; play because you enjoy football. Use whatever talent you have and if it’s enough to play professional football, then great and if it’s not, keep playing the game because you love it."

Q – "Are you impressed in how women’s football has progressed in the last couple of years?"

- Lee from London

A – "Yeah, and if you really want to see how far the women’s game has come, then you need to come to our training ground and you need to watch MCWFC who take a heavy involvement in the national team as well.

"It’s really been pushed hard and for the right reasons. The level is fantastic and I’m really proud of what they’re doing."

Q - "What are your short term and long term goals?"

- George from Bowden

A – "It’s hard to say the long term because you never know what’s going to happen in the game - you never know what’s going to change.

"My short-term goal is to be the best I can be and keep fighting on all fronts to achieve at this club and with my country. I want to make that my dream and make that my goal."

Q – "Can you tell us one lesson you’ve learnt on your journey?"

- Lucy from Brixton

A – "Enjoy the ride!"

Head to Joe's Facebook page to see the full Q&A video.

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