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Micah's interview not to be sniffed at

  • 11 April 2012 09:14
  • Posted by Peter Ferguson

Big boys do cry. Or at least they feel like it sometimes, as Micah Richards confides in a frank interview with the Daily Mail's Ian Ladyman.

So it's not just the distraught fans so beloved of Sky's cameras then. The players feel like weeping sometimes, and Micah's confessional is picked up by websites worldwide.

As the Mail man puts it: "Football can do strange things to the toughest of men. At his home last week, Richards experienced something new as he watched Manchester United beat Blackburn on television.

"'At half-time and at 60 minutes I thought, "You never know",' he said. 'But United do always look like they will score. So I knew it was gonna come. But when they got it and went further clear of us, I actually wanted to cry and I haven't done that or felt like that in years.

Football is full of emotions. You get angry and happy but I have never wanted to cry before

"'This time I did as that is how much it means. I have been grafting so hard this season, we have played unbelievable football and to see United come like this is horrendous.

"'It kills me. I care so much about how I play and how we do in games. If things go badly in a game, I just can't sleep.'"

Words to remember next time the conversation turns to highly-paid footballers, and whether they really care about which shirt they're kissing.

Micah, who broke through for City and England as an excited teenager, also tells Laydo: "What happened to me at a young age was a big deal. Everything I did was in the papers, similar to Mario now.

"You can get carried away. I made mistakes but I learned. It's hard. I appreciate what I have and, when people called me flash in the past, it hurt.

"I read an article not long ago saying I had given up all the bling and was concentrating on my football. Forget the football articles, that was one of the most satisfying things I have ever read about myself."

Speaking of Mario - and when aren't we? - the Mail picks up on "reports in Italy claiming that Balotelli's former club Inter and current Serie A leaders Milan are both preparing £20million bids." 

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