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Scully: My year with City

  • 14 June 2011 11:32
  • Posted by Scully

As a fan of football and a lifelong Blue, this has undoubtedly been the most interesting, exciting and involved I’ve ever felt. I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it and I hope that comes across in the videos.

The thought in my mind at the start of the season was that the FA Cup was a real possibility, as was the Carling Cup or the Europa League.

The thought of winning the Premier League was just a bit too much for me to comprehend just yet. Filming the Road to Wembley felt special right from the very start – and it it was a beautiful thing to watch unfold.

Being on camera was a strange thing to get used to as I’ve done all I can to avoid it in the past, but all the crazy people seemed to want to talk to me – and that suits me fine because they’re the people I like most in life anyway.

So after an epic year for the club - and for yours truly, these videos are the moments that stood out for me the most.

1. Noel and Scully talking Italian

This was my first bit of filming for City and Noel and I were delighted to have our own theme tune. I maintain my views on pineapple on pizza – and on Mario Balotelli for that matter.

2. Tribute to Neil Young at Leicester

We were guests of Kasabian for this tie and they were brilliant hosts. It was their dream tie and they wouldn’t have wanted to be knowcked out by anyone other than Man City.

3. It's only rock and roll: Part III

Liam and the Pretty Green crew looked after Kasabian and myself. Nigel from Pretty Green won over a grand on his bet on 4-2 at 50-1. I bet 4-1 at 30-1 and went home skint. Gutted.

4. Notts County away

Spike’s sing song on the bridge is my abiding memory of this one. D-Z-E-K-O has to be a sure fire hit for next season. Also, listen out for the noise the Notts County fan makes at the start of this video. Jimmy Saville gargling!

5. Scully and Liam on the Blues

You see the real Liam Gallagher on the videos that we do with him. Liam says that people are normally uncomfortable interviewing him and they’re expecting him to behave in a particular way – whereas I’m talking to him as a friend and that comes across in this one.

6. Reading FA Cup Sixth Round

The standout moment on this one was definitely the voice that came out of the panda. End of story.

7. Scully and Noel at Wembley

This is my favourite video of the year. It tells you everything you need to know about following a football team. The moment the goal goes in, having that captured is a very special thing.

8. Scully on the train home

There wasn’t just me on that train, there was everyone from man city on that train to the semi – all the staff from lots of different departments and seeing that whole operation was a real insight. Everybody was on a real high. I’ve done that train journey to London on a regular basis for tha past 20 years, but that one will always be special.

9. FA Cup Final: Scully at The Green Man

I like this one from the final too – the atmosphere was great and you can see everybody was absolutely buzzing. These days are not normal for Manchester City fans and you could see people had got there early to make the most of it. The Green Man is now legendary and let’s hope we get a few more trips there.

10. Scully meets Nigel de Jong and his Mum

Just before we filmed this, we were stading in the tunnel at Wembley and a lady came up to and told me she loved the videos on the website and thought what I was doing was great - and then she told me she was the one and only Nigel De jong’s Mum. Filming this – seeing Nigel and his Mum together and being able to thank him for winning the Cup and his input throughout the season was a real pleasure. It was just a spur of the moment thing that comes across on the video.

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