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Willy Caballero




Minutes played







Last game stats
Minutes played 90
Saves 2
Clearances 0
Interceptions 0
Successful tackles 0
Passes completed 17
Position Goalkeeper
Date of birth 28 September 1981
Place of birth Santa Elena, Argentina
Height (ft)
Weight (st)
International caps / goals 0 / 0
2015/2016 League Cup
Appearances 0 0
Saves 0 0
Clearances 0 0
Interceptions 0 0
Yellow cards 0 0
Red cards 0 0

City on Caballero:

Joined City: 08/07/14

Past clubs: Boca Juniors (2001-04), Elche (2004-11), Arsenal Sarandi (loan, 2006), Malaga (2011-14)

Team honours:

Boca Juniors:

Argentine Primera División: Apertura (2003)

                Copa Libertadores (2003)

                Intercontinental Cup (2003)


                U20 World Cup (2001)

                Summer Olympic Games (2004)


                Included in Goal.com’s La Liga Team of the Season for 2012-13

Recognised for his strength in organising the defence in front of him and for his shot-stopping ability, Willy Caballero became City’s third summer recruit in July 2014.

The Argentine goalkeeper had previously worked with Manuel Pellegrini at Malaga, where he had clocked up 117 league appearances.

The 33-year-old entered the La Liga club’s record books by going 480 consecutive minutes without conceding, whilst gaining valuable domestic and Champions League experience.

Caballero began his career in his homeland with Boca Juniors, where he won the Argentina Primera Division, Copa Libertadores and Intercontinental Cup in 2003.

His early promise was spotted by Elche, who moved quickly to bring the keeper to Spain a year later. After a loan spell back in Argentina with Arsenal Sarandi, the keeper returned to Elche and became the permanent owner of the club’s number one shirt, making nearly 200 Segunda Division appearances before joining Malaga on an emergency transfer.

He went on to play every game until the end of the 2010-11 campaign, helping the La Rosaleda outfit successfully avoid relegation, and was a key member of the squad that ended the 2011-12 campaign fourth in La Liga alongside compatriot Martin Demichelis.

Willy gained recognition on the European stage the following season, as Malaga topped a Champions League group containing AC Milan and triumphed over Porto in the round of 16 to reach the quarter finals.

He made six competitive appearances for City in the 2014/15 season, emerging victorious four on four occasions.

Latest tweets: @willy_caballero

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