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Season 2013/14

City Blogger: We were there...

  • 21 January 2014 10:49
  • Posted by @ThomSoutter26
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The latest piece from Thom is all about the Blues' incredible support...

I wanted to start my next piece with the above graphic, which I recently took from a popular football website. Even if the statement is somewhat bold, I think we can all appreciate how utterly magical it appears. And this wasn’t some Football Manager game; this was a live professional footballing source, with a quote from the latest manager to be destroyed at the Etihad, proclaiming City to be currently playing the best football in the world.

Now cast your mind back 15 or so years, to the 1998-1999 season.

Club – Nationwide League Division Two Average Attendance
Manchester City


Stoke City


Preston North End




Oldham Athletic


Wigan Athletic


Macclesfield Town


This table depicts some attendances from City’s division that season, when City were languishing in the third tier of English football. So let’s start by dispelling one rather common chant that often emanates from the away end, when at a particularly successful opposition ground. We all know the one. Well, the answer in our case is extremely simple. We were there.

Nearly 30,000 week in, week out. Not bad when you consider the two previous relegations and a squad that consisted of no-marks and journeymen, especially with the self-proclaimed ‘Theatre of Dreams’ in the same vicinity.

No set of supporters deserves to watch the football that City are currently playing more than my fellow Blues. So this article is dedicated to every one of the above 28,273 from the 1998-1999 season. A season where Stockport County sat proudly a division above us and our local derby was Macclesfield Town.

To quote Martin Tyler, I urge all blues to ‘drink in’ the current situation. Over 100 goals now scored this season, away form seemingly sorted and those increasingly quiet neighbours having a real old struggle. So, this piece is to the best thing about our club, you… the fans.

Blues are different. A special type of supporter, who has had to see the positive in every losing situation over the years. Supporting City was seen as ‘character building’ and it has certainly bred a humble and honest set of followers with a defining sense of humour.

Is it any coincidence that the last two football chants to sweep the nation both came from City? The Poznan (albeit improvised from abroad) was live for all to see at Wembley in 2011 and the Kolo/Yaya chant has even stopped DJ gigs or halted traffic in city centres miles away from Manchester. City supporters are original, fiercely loyal and never afraid to poke fun at themselves. These are the glory days and we have every right to enjoy every second. It is our time.

What if we finish 2nd this year or lose the League Cup final? It won’t be the end of the world as look at how far we’ve come. This unbelievable footballing journey isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

It is inevitable that we will attract new followers as the success continues (see above!). Followers from all over the globe.

But let’s all admit it, when did you think that would ever be possible? So welcome to all you new followers , I would suggest that you immerse yourself in the culture and humour of this great club because you will not find a better set of people.

Let the glory begin and let’s all enjoy the ride. Will the success change the club? Inevitably it will. But the days of relegation and losing away at Wycombe in the league are still so recent that the 28,273 will always ensure that our set of fans stays grounded and this is what makes the situation truly unique.

It is an honour to write for this club and for you, every blue all over the world. I have found this group of 8 bloggers to be exactly the same as the vast majority of Blues you ever come across. Grounded, friendly and as humble as necessary. This is a community club which is being noticed on a world level.

With this community in mind I want to end by paying tribute to one of the biggest Blues you could ever meet. Mr David Haddock. A great friend of mine and someone who has often been found lying somewhere he shouldn’t be after celebrating a blue victory a little too joyously. I hope all blues will join me in wishing him a beautiful wedding day and that he should definitely let me sing Blue Moon at the wedding.

We lost last week and we lost today….. MCFC. Pride in Battle. Together.


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